Our History

In 2008 a group of like-minded professionals formed a study group to connect their firms. These advisers faced similar business challenges as they moved from a traditional financial services model to an independent fee-based advisory business. They also had compatible investment beliefs and high standards for client service and fiduciary responsibility.

The members began meeting periodically to share investment information and discuss business strategy. They also challenged one another to maintain high standards of business integrity and professional accountability. Over time, they discovered that by pooling their knowledge they were able to create robust lower-cost investment strategies and achieve economies of scale unavailable to individual firms.

In April 2015 the founding members decided to officially name the association as The Trusted Adviser Group (TAG). Our organization has members throughout the UK.

Today, many financial services providers offer fee-based services. But TAG member firms are in a class by themselves. As strong believers in wealth management, lifestyle financial planning and an evidence-based asset management, we want to spread the word about how this approach will maximise the chances of you successfully achieving your financial goals.